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Overhaul Your Space

Overhaul your space with Tapestry Bazaar.
Pick the colors of your wall and that of the tapestry you’d like to hang and voila!
Preview how your wall transforms with us, and if you like what you see, simply click on Add To Cart.

Color Of Wall
Color Of Tapestries
Blue Celtic Print Tapestry
Tree in Blue Tapestry
Brown Mandala Print Tapestry
Blue Mandala Print Tapestry
Multicolored Mandala Print Tapestry
Swans Print Tapestry
Multicolored Abyla Print Tapestry
Gaelic Multi Colored Tapestry
Tree of Life with Buddha Tapestry
Mural Digital Print Tapestry
White and Blue Digital Print Tapestry
Multi Colored Medallion Tapestry
Tree of Life Tapestry
Floral Peacock Tapestry
Multi Colored Florystal Tapestry
Ornamental Medallion Tapestry